Prophet IDRIS/Enoch




Designated as:

 Prophet of GOD


 A tailor

Family Tree/Descendent of/ lineage:

Adam-> Seth -> Idris

Birth and Teachings:

Idris was the 7th generation of the Prophet Adam. He called the people back to his fore-fathers religion, but only a few listened to him, while the majority turned away. Idris is the great grandfather of Prophet NUH


Special Qualities:

He was a man of truth, First person to write with pen and stitch clothes, with Knowledge and Wisdom, fluent in speech

Miracles performed:

First person to write with pen, by will of GOD raised to high nation directly (4th heaven)


Not known


His son and successor was Mehthusaleh continued his work.


 It is said that he died and God made him alive to be in fourth heaven

Came on:

People of Babylon





Years and years passed, Adam grew old, and his children spread all over the earth. This is how humankind started spreading. When Adam's death drew near, he appointed his son Seth (Shiith) to be his successor, and taught him the hours of the day and night along with appropriate acts of worship. He also foretold to him the flood that would come After Adam's death, his son Seth (Shiith) took over the responsibilities of prophethood .When the time of his death came, Seth's son Anoush succeeded him. He in turn, was succeeded by his son Qinan, who was succeeded by his son Mahlabeel. The Persians claim that Mahlabeel was the King of the Seven Regions, that he was the first one to cut down trees to build cities and large forts and that he built the cities of Babylonia. He reigned for a period of forty years. When he died his duties were taken over by his son Yard, who on his death, bequeathed them to his son Khonoukh (Enoch/ Idris)
Idris was born and raised in Babylon following the teachings and religion of Prophet Adam and his son Seth. Idris was the 7th generation of the Prophet Adam. He called the people back to his fore-fathers religion, but only a few listened to him, while the majority turned away.


Prophet Enoch and his followers left Babylon for Egypt. There he carried on his mission, calling people to what is just and fair, teaching them certain prayers and instructing them to fast on certain days and to give a portion of their wealth to the poor. He was the first of the Children of Adam to be given prophethood after Adam and Seth (peace upon them). It is reported that he was the 1st to invent the basic form of writing thus becoming the inventor of writing in this world.

Hazrat Idrees (alaihis-salaam) was granted by Allah knowledge of astronomy and arithmetic, and he taught this to people.
He also invented the art of sewing clothes, at a time when people used the skins of animals to cover their bodies. Hazrat Idrees taught people how to sew clothing.


Another practice introduced by him into the world was the method of measuring and weighing.
All this knowledge came to him through Wahi (revelation) from Allah

Idris was constantly occupied with the remembrance of Allah (dhikr) and that the number of his good deeds was equal to the number of good deeds of all the people on earth during his time.


Idrees was raised to the heavens and given the knowledge of the unseen. Both Christians and Muslims agree upon this. The Quranic ayah which refers to this -
Verily! He was a man of truth (and) a prophet. We raised him to a high station.
Surah 19:56-57
When he was raised to the heavens he asked the Angel of death to give him a taste of death i.e to take his soul out and put it back so he would know what it would feel like as “Every soul shall taste of death”. So the Angel of death took his soul and then put it back for him.
Then he asked the angels to show him the fire of hell as every person would pass over it (see it) so he was shown the hell. Then he asked to be taken to heaven (jannah) so the angels took him to Jannah. Once he was in Jannah he said that after a person enters Jannah he will not be taken out again so he wished to stay there and Allah allowed this.
By will of Allah, Idrees is alive in the fourth heavens



        Imaginary Hell punishment

    heaven gate 

                  Imaginary Heaven enterance 


It is said that although all these righteous descendants of Adam AS forbade their people to go among the corrupted descendants of Qabil, their advice was not heeded. As time passed, almost all the people on the mountain went down and began to live among Qabil’s descendants, adopting their evil ways and forgetting the honourable way, upright way of their grandfather Adam AS and his righteous successors.
Then a son was born to Lamaq who was named Nuh. As the first major prophet after Adam AS, he was to have a grave impact on the future of mankind.


Conclusion :

 From Story of adam we came to know that Satan is our ultimate enemy as he has already decalred war against humanity. Satan has vowed to decive human being. Idris is a prophet of GOD a chosen one . He gudied his people to straight path and remind them about satan evil doing . He preach them to obey command and rules of GOD , so they may be saved in herefater.

Idris has constantly occupied him with the remembrance of Allah (dhikr) and do righteous deeds . Because of his belief and good deeds in abdunce he was raised directly to fourth heaven. From this we come to know that nothing is impossible for GOD it only depends how much we have faith in him.

It took many centuries for satan to make people do first shirk(associating partners with GOD) and that was the time of people of Prophet Nuh

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